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Buying a House? Get an Extension!
Monday, 03.23.2009, 02:12pm

Have you bought a new home in 2009 (for the first time or after not having owned a home as your principal residence for 3 years), or know someone who did, or are planning to buy a home before December?  You might consider getting an extension to file your Income Tax return, this article will tell you why it might be in your best interests to request an extension.

Things you may not know about the Federal Gift Tax
Thursday, 03.05.2009, 08:40pm
The purpose of the federal Gift tax is to make sure that individuals do not give away all of their assets before death to avoid paying estate tax? (see more)

Now available the New Jersey Tax Calendar
Thursday, 03.05.2009, 05:52pm
The division of Taxation from the State of New Jersey has made available its NJ Tax Calendar for the fiscal year 2009, where you can check the due dates in a Chronological Listing of Filing Deadlines, Alphabetical Summary of Due Dates by Tax Type, or Payment Dates for Weekly Payers

What is new for New Jersey and New York taxes for 2008
Thursday, 03.05.2009, 05:35pm
There is really nothing much new on the actual 2008 Form NJ-1040. There has been no change in the New Jersey Gross Income Tax rates for tax year 2008. And the form is pretty much exactly the same as 2007 – except for two minor changes.

Last Minute Tax Suggestions
Monday, 12.01.2008, 07:48pm
1- Donate to charity
: It may be as easy as cleaning out the closet. Donating items to charity before the New Year may help taxpayers who itemize their taxes claim a bigger tax refund.  And remember; don't bother donating socks that need darning. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 stipulates that everything must be in "good used condition or better." To place a value on items donated, go to  Salvation Army or the TurboTax ItsDeductible web site

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Buying a House? Get an Extension!

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